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SharePoint 2016 Content Management for Site Owners

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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1 day(s)


SharePoint Site Owners, Content Owners or future Site Collection Administrators


Students must have strong SharePoint 2010-2016 end user skills or have attended the course "SharePoint 2016 for Information Workers".


After completing this course, students will be able to add and manage SharePoint list and libraries, and use wiki and web part pages. Students will be able to use advanced Document Management Features, Managed Metadata, configure Document ID's, and us the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure


Classroom training with a strong practical and hands-on approach


This on day training is designed for SharePoint Site Owners, Content Owners or future Site Collection Administrators. This training is about how to manage different types of content in a SharePoint environment.

In a first Chapter we're going to examine al lot of List and Library types and their possibilities. The Document Libraries will be discussed more in-depth. Secondly we zoom in on Wiki and Web Part Pages to publish and share information. More advanced document management features like Site Columns, Content Types, Document Sets and the Content Organizer will be discussed as well. In a separate chapter we show how to create Managed Metadata and how to make them available in a Library. In the fifth chapter we talk about the advantages of Document ID's and how to activate and use them. Finally the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure will be discussed: how to work with Page Layouts.


  • Adding and configuring Lists and Libraries
    • SharePoint Lists and Libraries
    • Creating and deleting Lists and Libraries
    • Adding items and documents
    • Organizing Content Using Folders and Metadata
    • Adding Columns to Lists and Libraries
    • Creating List and Library Views
    • List and Library Settings
    • Other Libraries
  • Using Wiki and Web Part Pages
    • Wiki Pages
    • Web Part Pages
  • Advanced Document Management
    • Site Columns
    • Content Types
    • Document Sets
    • Content Organizer
  • Working with Managed Metadata
    • Managed Metadata
    • Creating groups, sets and terms
    • Managed Metadata column
    • Associate terms to items
  • Using Document ID's
    • Description
    • Document ID Settings
    • Timer Job
  • SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
    • SharePoint Server Publishing (Infrastructure)
    • Publishing Content Types
    • Page Layouts
    • Pages Library
    • Pages with Page Layouts