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WSO2 ESB for Developers - Fundamentals

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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Aantal dagen

3 day(s)


This program is designed for IT professionals with experience in systems integration and explicitly targets junior integration specialists, or IT architects/developers with in interest in this area.


Participants are expected to have basic programming experience, to have a conceptual understanding of message-oriented middleware and SOA, particularly Web services and related standards (SOAP, WSDL, XML). No specific WSO2 knowledge is required.


After attending to this course, participants would be able to perform following activities: identify the fundamental building blocks of SOA, understand the role of an ESB in SOA, setup, start and shutdown WSO2 ESB, load, run and understand WSO2 ESB samples, create simple message flows for routing, filtering and transforming messages, create proxy services and REST APIs for exposing simple web services and applications, integrate WSO2 ESB with message brokers for persistent and asynchronous messaging, understand EIP basics and see how WSO2 ESB can be used to implement them.


Instructor-led workshop with practical exercices.


WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus training program allows system administrators and SOA architects to master their skills in WSO2 ESB technology. simply and easily configure message routing, virtualization, intermediation, transformation, logging, task scheduling, load balancing, fail-over routing, event brokering and much more.


  • Day 1
    • WSO2 Platform Overview – Introducing WSO2 ESB
    • introduction to enterprise integration patterns (EIPs)
    • message mediation, transformation, filtering and routing
    • how to use WSO2 Developer Studio
    • application deployment
  • Day 2
    • protocol transformation
    • working with APIs, tasks and connectors
    • QoS-related topics
    • QoS with WSO2 ESB
  • Day 3
    • testing and troubleshooting
    • operational and administrative tips and tricks