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Web Development with ASP.NET Core

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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2 day(s)


This course is meant for developers who want to learn about the latest innovations in creating web application with ASP.NET


Knowledge of C# and HTML/CSS/JavaScript, knowledge of ASP.NET MVC / Web API is preferred


Creating web application with ASP.NET Core


Instructor-led workshop with hands-on exercises


ASP.NET Core is one of the most significant updates to ASP.NET. Based on the new .NET Core run-time, it enables developer to create cross-platform web application. You can now develop and run ASP.NET on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. ASP.NET Core makes ASP.NET leaner, more modular, cross-platform and cloud optimized.

In this course, you will first learn about .NET Core. After the first part you will learn how you can create web applications using ASP.NET Core. This will also introduce HTML- and Tag Helpers. You will learn how to query a database using Entity Framework Core. Furthermore you will learn how we can create REST API's using the same framework. You will also learn how to use front end frameworks like Bootstrap and JavaScript libraries like jQuery. Finally, you'll learn how to deploy your web application to multiple operating systems like Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

This course is based on ASP.NET Core 1.1


  • Introduction to .NET Core
    • History
    • Getting started with .NET Core
    • Development with .NET Core
      • Visual Studio 2017
      • Visual Studio Code
  • .NET Standard
  • ASP.NET Core (1)
    • Introduction
    • Middleware
    • Configuration
    • Controllers / Views
    • Using CSS/JS libraries
  • Entity Framework Core
    • Introduction
    • Code First
    • Migrations
    • Database Operations
    • Dependency Injection
  • ASP.NET Core (2)
    • Tag Helpers
    • Creating a REST API
  • Deployment
    • Getting you app ready
    • Deploying your app