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Basic Testing

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3 day(s)


This course is meant for IT (Testing) professionals




This course is meant for those IT (Testing) professionals that want to obtain an insight into the purpose of structured software testing and the process of structured testing. The course is focused on the realdolmen vision towards software testing, context driven testing (including ISTQB terminology) and will prepare the audience for a good understanding on the why, when and how of software testing and the actual testing activities knowhow.


Instructor-led combined with several exercises, quizzes and hands-on experience.


Software Testing, although around for several decades now, is still relatively unknown within the IT community. Testers are often perceived as overhead, yet many project fail on the delivered level of quality. Another thing is that testing only gets on the radar after development has completed the software they are building. A delay in development results in a delay in testing, but rarely are the deadlines moved. This results in less time for testing and quality. This course is about:

  • How we can cope with these different problems and make sure that testing is (partially) removed from the critical path.

  • How we can test in a structured way and as a result improve the quality of our software.

  • Getting insight into a test process and how to apply it on a fictional IT project.


  • Defining testing
  • The History of Software Testing
  • RealDolmen’s Vision on Software Testing
    • The Seven principles of Context Driven testing
    • The benefits of Exploratory Testing: An Introduction
    • Testing integrated in the rest of the Application Life Cycle
  • The importance of Software Testing
  • Testing terminology
  • Testing within different development environments
    • The Waterfall Model
    • The V-Model
    • Agile/Iterative/Incremental Development (using the Agile Testing Quadrants)
    • Spiral Development
  • The Testing Process
    • Planning your testing and the importance of Risk Management
      • How and when to plan for it?
      • What to take in account?
        • Planning your functional testing
        • Planning your non-functional testing
        • Test infrastructure and Test Data
    • Designing and executing your tests
      • An introduction to Scripted (scenario based) Testing
      • An introduction to Exploratory Testing
    • Completing your test project
    • An introduction to Test Management
      • Test Budgeting
      • Defect Management
      • Reporting on testing
        • The use of safety language
        • Which metrics are (not) relevant and why?
    • Testing earlier in the lifecycle
      • The benefits of reviewing and its techniques
  • Test Tools
    • An overview of relevant commercial and open source test tools
    • Test Automation is not a silver bullet