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Get a 360° visual picture of your contacts using Single View Builder for MS CRM

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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2 day(s)


Microsoft CRM End users (sales, presales, customer service people, ...), key users, Application and technology consultants, developers, solution architects.


Before attending this course, students must have basic experience using Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 Sales module.


Learn the possibilities of Single View Builder. How to set up a single view in your CRM to display information and data in a tile, tree, map or grid view and see your information on a timeline


Class training with individual guidance and the possibility to ask questions. The student can immediately put the possibilities of the program into practice by means of exercises. Each student disposes of a workstation


Default Microsoft Dynamics CRM screens often contain empty areas, while important data drown in a flood of less critical information. As a result we are forced to provide tremendous efforts to interpret what our senses could capture immediately.

With Single View Builder, you can build personalized, graphical Single Views of customers, marketing campaigns, cases, contracts, etc. by grouping information about any entity in one single screen in a visual way, whether it’s for a single user or for an entire department. In this training you will learn how to set up the basic single view on a form section. Learn the possibilities to add a tile view with graphical logic for the user and make your information more understandable. Make your own tree view to explore information in a more consistent manner with information from different entities.
Set up timelines to give insights to users in what’s happening in a more graphical way. Add grid views to explore data for instance in combination with a tree view. Add Map views on multiple data so that users can see linked information on a geographical map.


  • Definition and components of the Single View Builder
  • Installation of the Single View Builder
  • The logical usage flow of the SIngle View Builder
  • Refresh maetadata
  • Tile View component
  • Tree View component
  • Grid View component
  • Timeline view component
  • Map view component
  • Navigate to component
  • Single View component
  • Working with dynamic layouts
  • Add a single view to a dashboard
  • Security roles and predefined workflows
  • Support