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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts

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1 day(s)


Analysts, Architects and ICT Managers who want to learn about the concepts of SOA




Present the participant with a high-level overview of SOA concepts




Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a popular topic for the advantages it provides for any enterprise. But it can also be a complex topic when considering the magnetude and impact it might generate. As such it can be easy to lose oneself in the world of SOA, and to make wrong decisions. Frequent questions that pop up are: "Is it necessary to migrate to a SOA infrastructure?" and "What are the potential benefits of SOA for my organisation?". In order to answer these questions, and to see how SOA relates to your business, a good high-level understanding of the concepts and principles of SOA is required.

This is a compact course of only a day, that focuses on the general principles of SOA. We will take a look at the benefits and challenges of SOA, explain the terminology, and take a glance at the reference architecture that can be used to setup a SOA based infrastructure. We also suggest a methodology that can be applied to existing environments to introduce SOA for your business. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand how SOA will improve your enterprise business flexibility and agility.


  • Concepts of Service-Oriented Architecture
    • Goal
    • Agenda
  • A True Story
  • Motivations and Challenges of SOA
    • History of SOA
    • Ingredients of Successful SOA
    • SOA Motivations
    • The Challenges of SOA
  • SOA Requirements
    • Reference Architecture
    • Common Semantics
    • Governance
    • Types of Governance
    • Business Process Modeling
    • Design-Time Service Discovery
    • Model-Based Development
    • Best Practices in SOA Analysis and Design
  • Architecture Fundamentals
    • What is Architecture?
    • Architectural Styles
    • Architectural Principles and Practices
  • Applying Architecture on SOA
    • What is SOA?
    • Layers of SOA
    • Enterprise Perspective of SOA
    • Business-Driven SOA
    • Keep it Simple
  • SOA and Other Architectures
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Software Architecture
    • SOA Versus Other Architectures
  • Defining Services
    • What is a Service?
    • The Service Interface
    • Types of Information
    • Characteristics of a Service
    • Service Granularity
    • Service Dimensions
    • Achieving Loose Coupling
    • Common Service Patterns
    • Service Types and Purpose
    • Service Types and Layers
  • SOA Reference Architecture
    • Goals of the Reference Architecture
    • Overview of the Reference Architecture
    • Using the Reference Architecture
  • SOA Methodology
    • Major Elements in Enterprise SOA
    • Implementing the SOA
    • SOA Methodology Steps
    • Minimum Architecture
    • 9-Month Checkpoint
    • 18-Month Checkpoint
    • Business Architecture
    • Business Processes
    • Information Design
    • Service Identification
    • Service Specification
    • Service Realization
    • Service Implementation Concerns
    • Service Life Cycle
    • SOA Project Approaches
    • Top-Down Approach
    • Bottom-Up Approach
    • Middle-Out Approach
    • Service Design Process
  • Practical Steps
    • Considerations
    • Common Pitfalls
    • Know your SOA...
    • Best Practices
  • Summary
    • References