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Tracking, Customizing and Reporting your Projects by using Microsoft Project Professional

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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1 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who wants to manage, to follow-up and to communicate about projects in a structured way on the PC.


A general knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations in Windows is needed. A general and/or practical knowlegde of project management principles is an advantage when following this training. A good practical and/or theretical knowledge of the usage of MS project to manage tasks and resources is absolutely necessary to follow this training. Knowlegde of the contents of the courses 'Making Project Plans by using MS Project 2010' and 'Staffing your Projects with Resources by using MS Project 2010' is needed for this training.


After this training the course participants will be able to follow-up their projects within MS Project by registering actuals, and to prepare their projects within MS Project for export to other stakeholders by customizing the different project views.


Instructor-led training with individual support. Practical exercises make it possible for the course participants to familiarize with the possibilities of the product. Each participant will execute the exercices on his own workstation.


Microsoft Project is a software program for Project Management. This software will assist the Project Manager when he is creating, tracking and reporting about his projects. Via the graphical user-interface it offers lots of presentation possibilities for the different project data and it is easy to learn and to use.

This training focuses on the tracking of a project that is in realization by entering actuals about task durations into MS project. This will allow the project manager to compare the actual project plan with the plan as it was initially agreed when starting the project.The second part of this course explains how to customize the graphical part of the project views, by adding text and using different colors and by changing the timescale. It also explains the usage oftables to visualize different sets of columns. Moreover the course contains an explanation of the usage of filters, groups and sorting possibilities.The last course part contains the exporting possibilities in MS project : office printing, reports, visual reports, images and Excel.


  • Project Tracking
    • Saving a baseline
    • Entering actual data
    • Comparing actuals with planned data
    • Working with interim plans
    • Updating a project with actuals
    • Replanning the project
  • Customizing the project views
    • Gannt chart customisation
    • Working with fields : using tables
    • Using customized fields
    • Working with groups, sorts and filters
    • Creation of personalized views
    • Working with the organizer to maintain tables, views, filters, calendars,...
  • Exporting project data
    • Office printing
    • Displaying, customizing and printing of predefined reports
    • Using the Visual Reports tool
    • Export to image format
    • Export to Excel format