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PrimeFaces 5

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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2 day(s)


Java EE developers who want to leverage the PrimeFaces components for their JSF Web Development.


Having followed the JSF020 course or having basic JSF knowledge. Some JavaScript, jQuery and CSS skills are necessary to understand some of the concepts and code examples throughout the course.


At the end of the course, participants will have an overview of the PrimeFaces capabilities and will be able to use many components in practice.


Classroom training with hands-on exercises


PrimeFaces is a rapidly evolving, leading JSF component suite. With its extensive documentation and active user community, it has become the most popular JSF extension. While there exist other component extensions for JSF, none of them is as extensive and as complete as PrimeFaces. It adds many features that may be considered as missing in the standard JSF specification and enables the implementation of modern, trend-setting JEE web applications. Its built-in support for all the popular browsers is an extra reason why it is a library of choice for many developers.

During this course, participants will discover how to get started with PrimeFaces. After an initial introduction, setup and configuration, the course will explore a variety of PrimeFaces components. Example code from the Facelets pages and Backing Beans will demonstrate how the components can be applied in a JSF web application. The course organizes the different components in interesting chapters by category. Included are PrimeFaces themes, inputs and selections, panels, menus, file and images. Practical hands-on exercises will help the participant to grasp the advantages of developing with PrimeFaces.

At the end of the course, participants will be convinced by the ease of use and many advantages of PrimeFaces, and will be prepared to put the use of PrimeFaces components into practice.


  • Getting Started
    • What is PrimeFaces?
    • Setup
    • Configuring the PrimeFaces Library
    • Dependencies
    • JSF Runtime
    • Configuring Parameters
    • Hello World
    • Partial Page Rendering
    • Partial Processing
    • Partial Submit
    • Internationalization and Localization
    • Using Internationalization
    • Using Localization
  • Themes
    • Themes
    • Configuring a Theme
    • Creating a New Theme
    • How Themes Work
    • Theming Tips
    • Learning Theme Information
    • Customizing Styles
    • Using the Default Theme Switcher
  • Inputs and Selects
    • Input and Select Components
    • inputMask
    • autoComplete
    • inputTextArea
    • selectBooleanCheckbox and selectManyCheckBox
    • selectBooleanCheckbox and selectManyCheckbox
    • calendar
    • spinner
    • slider
    • editor
    • inplace
    • password
    • rating
  • Grouping with Panels
    • panel
    • panelGrid
    • accordionPanel
    • scrollPanel
    • tabView
    • toolbar
    • dashboard
    • layout
  • Data Iteration Components
    • dataTable
    • dataTable Pagination and Sorting
    • dataTable Paginator Options
    • dataTable Filtering
    • dataTable Row Selection
    • dataTable Dynamic Columns
    • dataTable Scrolling
    • dataTable Editing
    • dataTable Lazy Loading
    • dataTable Styling
    • dataTable Other Features
    • dataList
    • pickList
    • orderList
    • tree
    • dataExporter
    • carousel
    • ring
  • Menus
    • Menus
    • Static and Dynamic Positioned Menus
    • Programmatically Created Menus
    • Adding Icons
    • contextMenu
    • slideMenu
    • tieredMenu
    • megaMenu
    • panelMenu
    • menuBar
    • selectCheckboxMenu
    • dock
  • Files and Images
    • Files and Images
    • fileUpload
    • Simple File Upload
    • Advanced File Upload
    • Filter Configuration
    • More About File Upload
    • fileDownload
    • imageCropper
    • galleria
    • photoCam
    • imageCompare
  • Summary and References
    • Summary
    • Next Steps
    • References