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Advanced Power BI Features

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22-12-2021 09:00 Advanced Power BI Features 1 EN Online 350,00

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1 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who has some experience in creating and publishing reports and dashboards in Power BI and who want to have some more knowledge about the usage of advanced features in the Power BI environment


A general knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations in Power BI is needed. The participant must be able to create and manipulate basic Power BI reports and dashboards. This knowledge can be acquired by following the training "Getting started with Power BI".


To obtain a clear view of the advanced features of Power BI. After this training the course participants are able to optimize model performance, to create paginated reports, to perform advanced analytics, to manage workspaces and datasets.


Classical training with individual support. Practical exercises make it possible for the course participants to familiarize with the possibilities of the product. Each participant will execute the exercises on his own workstation.


Power BI is Microsoft's Business Intelligence solution in the Office 365 environment. This software will assist the users in connecting to different data sources, and creating reports with different visuals to represent the data in a comprehensive manner. This training focuses on the usage of advanced features in Power BI.


  • Using advanced DAX instructions

    • Using relationships effective
    • Semi-additive measures
    • Using time-intelligence functions
  • Optimize model performance

    • Optimize the Data Model for Performance
      • Use Variables to Improve Performance and Troubleshooting
      • Performance Analyzer
      • Review Performance Results
      • Analyze Query Plans
      • Reduce Cardinality
      • Implement Table Granularity
    • Optimize DirectQuery Models
      • Implications of using DirectQuery
      • Optimize Performance
    • Create and Manage Aggregations
      • Creating Aggregations
      • Managing Aggregations
  • Create Paginated Reports in Power BI

    • Paginated Report Overview
      • Introduction to Paginated Reports
      • When are they the right fit?
    • Creating Paginated Reports
      • Getting Data
      • Create a Paginated Report
      • Work with Charts and Tables
      • Publish the Report
  • Perform Advanced Analytics

    • Advanced Analytics
      • Explore Statistical Summary
      • Identify Outliers
      • Conduct Time-series Analysis
      • Using the Analyze Feature
      • Advanced Analytics Custom Visuals
      • Quick Insights
      • Groupings and Binnings
      • Clustering Techniques
    • Data Insights through AI Visuals
      • Introduction to AI Visuals
      • The Q&A Feature
      • AI Insights
      • Key Influencer Visual
      • Decomposition Tree Visual
  • Create and Manage Workspaces

    • Creating Workspaces
      • Introduction to Workspaces
      • Create a Workspace
      • Assign Workspace Roles
      • Create Apps
      • Configure and Update a Workspace App
    • Sharing and Managing Assets
      • Monitor Usage and Performance
      • Development Lifecycle Strategy
      • Viewing Data Lineage
      • Data Protection
  • Manage Datasets in Power BI

    • Using Parameters
      • Introduction to Datasets and Parameters
      • Dynamic Reports with parameters
      • What-if Parameters
    • Datasets
      • Dataset Scheduled Refresh
      • Incremental Data Refresh Settings
      • Manage and Promote Datasets
      • Troubleshooting Service Connectivity