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Getting Started with Power BI

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20-12-2021 09:00 Getting Started with Power BI 2 EN Online 700,00

Aantal dagen

2 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who wants to start using Power BI for creating reports on whichever source of data.


A general knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations in Windows is needed. A general and/or practical knowlegde of data sources (relational databases, xls, ...) is an advantage when following this training.


To obtain a clear view of the components, possibilities and principles of Power BI. After this training the course participants are able to create basic reports on different sources independently .


Classical training with individual support. Practical exercises make it possible for the course participants to familiarize with the possibilities of the product. Each participant will execute the exercises on his own workstation.


Power BI is Microsoft's Business Intelligence solution in the Office 365 environment. This software will assist the users in connecting to different data sources, and creating reports with different visuals to represent the data in a comprehensive manner.


  • Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics

    • Data Analytics and Microsoft
      • Introduction
      • Overview of Data Analysis
      • Roles in Data Analysis
      • Tasks of a Data Analyst
    • Getting Started with Power BI
      • Introduction to Power BI
      • Using Power BI
      • Building Blocks of Power BI
      • The common flow of work in Power BI
  • Get Data in Power BI

    • Get data from various data sources
      • Introduction to getting data
      • Get data from flat files
      • Get data frpm relational data sources
      • Get data from NoSQL
      • Get data from applications
      • Get data from Analysis Services
    • Optimize Performance
      • Select a storage mode
      • Fix performance issues
      • Optimize query performance
      • Query folding
    • Resolve data errors
      • Identify and resolve data import errors
  • Cleaning, Transforming, and Loading Data

    • Shaping the data
      • Identify column headers and names
      • Shaping Table Structure
      • Unpivot and Pivot columns
    • Enhance the Data Structure
      • Apply user-friendly value replacements
      • Evaluate and Change Column Data Types
      • Combine Multiple Tables into a Single Table
      • Use Advanced Editor to Modify M Code
    • Profiling the Data
      • Profiling Data and Examining Structures
  • Designing a Data Model in Power BI

    • Introduction to Data Modeling
      • Joins and Relationships
      • Star Schemas
    • Working with Tables
      • Configure Table and Column Properties
      • Create a Dates Table
      • Relationships and Cardinality
      • Create Many-to-many Relationships
      • Modeling Challenges
      • Combine Queries
    • Dimensions and Hierarchies
      • Introduction to Dimensions and Hierarchies
      • Role-playing Dimensions
      • Creating new Hierarchies
      • Flatten out a Parent-child Hierarchy
  • Create Measures using DAX in Power BI

    • Introduction to DAX
      • Measures
      • Calculated Columns
      • Columns vs. Measures
    • DAX Content
      • Understanding Context
      • The CALCULATE() Function
    • Advanced DAX
      • Using Relationships Effectively
      • Semi-additive Measures
      • Time-Intelligence
  • Create Reports

    • Design a Report
      • Introduction
      • Design a Report Layout
      • Choosing Effective Visualizations
      • Adding Visualizations to Reports
      • Import a Custom Visual
      • Add an R or Python Visual
      • Format and Configure Visualizations
      • Basic Interactions
      • Configure Conditional Formatting
      • Design Report Navigation
      • Design for Accessibility
    • Enhance the Report
      • Apply Slicing, Filtering, and Sorting
      • Performance Tuning Reports
      • Commenting on Reports
      • Advanced Interactions and Drill-Throughs
      • Adding Buttons, Bookmarks, and Selections
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • Publish and Export Reports
  • Create Dashboards

    • Create a Dashboard
      • Introduction to Dashboards
      • Add a Dashboard Theme
      • Set Mobile View
    • Real-time Dashboards
      • Create a Real-time Dashboards
      • Configure Data Alerts
      • Pin a Live Report Page to a Dashboard
    • Enhance a dashboard
      • Explore Data by Asking Questions
      • Configure Data Classification
  • Row-level Security

    • Security in Power BI
      • Security overview in Power BI
      • Static Method
      • Dynamic Method