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Web Development with Azure

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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1 day(s)





Instructor-led workshop


MicrosoftAzure is a great platform for web development. Whether you’re just starting with web development or creating web applications for many years. By using the features provided by Microsoft Azure your web development becomes much easier. You can do things that were previously hard to do or really expensive. During this one day we’ll take a look at what Microsoft Azure has to offer for web developers. Within 5 min we will have a website up and running in the cloud to which we’ll add the benefits that Microsoft Azure has to offer.


  • Introduction
    • Why the Cloud?
    • What is Azure?
    • Azure Services and Advantages
  • Azure Websites
    • Creating Websites
    • Storing Data
    • Scaling
    • Application Insights
    • Site Slots
    • Continuous Integration
    • Web Jobs
  • Azure Cloud Services
    • Creating Web Roles
    • Creating Worker Roles
    • Configuration
    • Scaling
    • Staging