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Microsoft 365 Device Management (Retired - MS-101T03-A)

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This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Admin role and have completed one of the Microsoft 365 work load administrator certification paths.



After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Plan for Co-management
  • Prepare your Windows 10 devices for Co-management
  • Transition from Configuration Manager to Intune
  • Configure Microsoft Store for Business
  • Plan for Mobile Application Management
  • Plan your Windows 10 deployment strategy
  • Plan your Windows 10 subscription activation strategy
  • Resolve Windows 10 upgrade errors
  • Implement Windows 10 Analytics
  • Deploy Mobile Device Management
  • Manage devices with Mobile Device Management
  • Enroll devices to Mobile Device Management
  • Manage device compliance


Classroom training with hands-on exercises


Microsoft 365Device Management focuses on how to establish Microsoft Intune, enroll devicesto Intune, monitor the devices, and control what users can do from the enrolleddevices by using conditional access policies. If you are already managingdevices by using a traditional device management tool such as ConfigurationManager, you will be interested to know how you can seamlessly move to modernmanagement, in which devices are managed by Intune, and how you can benefitfrom new device management capabilities, such as compliance, conditionalaccess, and Windows Autopilot to deploy new devices from the cloud.

The coursebegins by examining how to move from traditional management, where devices aremanaged by Configuration Manager, to modern management, where you can benefitfrom new capabilities such as device compliance and conditional access. Thisjourney can begin by enabling co-management, which you can do in your currentenvironment by adding Intune as an additional device management option. You canthen move management of some Windows 10 devices to Intune, while all otherdevices remain managed by Configuration Manager. After you get confidence andexperience with the benefits of modern management, you will probably want tomove the management of your other devices to Intune as well.

The coursethen examines how you can monitor Windows 10 devices by using WindowsAnalytics. You will better understand the differences between quality updatesand feature updates, as well as the Windows as a Service (WaaS) model, and whenyou must upgrade Windows 10 to a newer version to be supported by Microsoft.Although traditional, image-based deployment is still supported with Windows10, many organizations will start exploring dynamic deployment and moderndeployment options, such as Windows Autopilot.

The courseconcludes with an examination of how to implement Mobile Device Management(MDM). With Microsoft 365 you have two Mobile Device Management options: Intuneand MDM for Office 365. You will learn how to perform an initial configurationof Intune so that it can manage Windows 10 and Android devices, as well as theadditional preparation steps that are required for iOS devices. As Intune canmanage only enrolled devices, you will learn how to enroll different devicetypes. You will also learn also how to define a company baseline and use Intuneto monitor device compliance against the baseline.


Course Outline

Module 1: Planning for Device Management


  • Introduction to Co-management
  • Preparing Your Windows 10 Devices for Co-management
  • Transitioning from Configuration Manager to Intune
  • Introduction Microsoft Store for Business
  • Planning for Mobile Application Management

Module 2: Planning Your Windows 10 Deployment Strategy


  • Windows 10 Deployment Scenarios
  • Planning Your Windows 10 Subscription Activation Strategy
  • Resolving Windows 10 Upgrade Errors
  • Introduction to Windows Analytics

Module 3: Implementing Mobile Device Management


  • Planning Mobile Device Management
  • Deploying Mobile Device Management
  • Enrolling Devices to MDM
  • Managing Device Compliance

Module 4: Hands-On Lab

Lab : Working with Microsoft Store for Business

  • Exercise 1: Provisioning and managing the Microsoft Store for Business
  • Exercise 2: Using the Microsoft Store for Business

Lab : Managing Devices by using Intune

  • Exercise 1: Obtain Intune and enable device management
  • Exercise 2: Configure Azure AD for Intune
  • Exercise 3: Create Intune policies
  • Exercise 4: Enroll a Windows 10 device
  • Exercise 5: Manage and monitor a device in Intune