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Microsoft 365 Tenant & Service Management (MS-100T02-A)

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This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to theMicrosoft 365 Enterprise Admin role and have completed one of the Microsoft 365work load administrator certification paths.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Plan their Microsoft 365 on-premises infrastructure
  • Plan their identity and authentication solution
  • Plan and configure their Microsoft 365 experience
  • Leverage Microsoft’s FastTrack and partner services
  • Implement their domain services
  • Configure their Microsoft 365 tenant roles
  • Manage their Microsoft 365 tenant health and services


Classroom training with hands-on exercises


Microsoft 365 Tenant and Service Management focuses on learning how toplan, manage, and customize your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant and services.The course begins with an analysis of how to design your Microsoft 365 tenant. Youwill learn how to plan for a Microsoft 365 on-premises infrastructure, includingpreparing your organization for Microsoft 365 Enterprise, how to estimate yournetwork bandwidth requirements, and best practices for integrating to Microsoft365. We’ll then cover how to plan your identity and authentication solution. Thisincludes an examination of various authentication methods, including modernauthentication, multi-factor authentication, pass-through authentication, andfederated authentication. This discussion will end with a review of ActiveDirectory federation services in Microsoft Azure, and how to restrict trafficin an AD FS deployment.

You will then transition from planningyour Microsoft 365 tenant to configuring it. This begins with the varioussubscription options and component services that must be considered. You thenmove into setting up your organizational profile, managing tenantsubscriptions, services, and add-ins. And to assist in this effort, you will beintroduced to Microsoft FastTrack, and how this service can assistorganizations in configuring their tenant and services.

With your Microsoft tenant and servicesin place, you will then learn how to manage these features following yourinitial deployment. Specifically, you will learn how to configure tenant rolesand how to manage tenant health and services. This includes learning how tomonitor your tenant health, how to develop an incident response plan, and howto request assistance from Microsoft.

At the conclusion of the course, you willbe tasked with completing a series of hands-on lab exercises that enable you topractice what you just learned in the course. You will set up a Microsoft 365tenant, manage Microsoft 365 users,groups, and administration, configure Rights Management and compliance, andmonitor and troubleshoot Microsoft 365.


Course Outline

Module 1: Designing your Microsoft 365 Tenant


  • Planning a Microsoft 365 On-premises infrastructure
  • Planning Your Identity and Authentication Solution

Module 2: Configuring your Microsoft 365 Tenant


  • Planning your Microsoft 365 Experience
  • Configuring your Microsoft 365 Experience
  • Leveraging FastTrack and Partner Services
  • Implementing Your Domain Services

Module 3: Managing your Microsoft 365 Tenant


  • Configuring Tenant Roles
  • Managing Tenant Health and Services

Module 4: Hands-On Lab

Lab : Microsoft 365 Tenant and Service Management

  • Exercise 1: Set up a Microsoft 365 trial tenant
  • Exercise 2: Managing Microsoft 365 users, groups, and administration
  • Exercise 3: Configuring Rights Management and compliance
  • Exercise 4: Monitor and troubleshoot Microsoft 365