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Java 7 Intermediate & JDBC

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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Aantal dagen

3 day(s)


Java Consultants, Architects and Developers


Having followed the Java Programming Essentials (JAV011) course or having equivalent knowledge.


The goal of this course is to gain knowledge of more advanced Java libraries.


Classroom training with hands-on exercises. Each participant will be able to work on a personal workstation for the duration of the course.


This course builds upon the knowledge acquired in the JavaProgramming Essentials (JAV011) course. It introduces additional programming techniques and provides an overview to the core Java libraries. The participant will be able to experiment with those libraries during practical exercises.

The course includes topics such as Java Database Connectivity, Threading, IO, Networking, Logging, Annotations, and Advanced Exception Handling. Knowledge about these libraries is essential for every Java programmer, and can be used in his daily programming tasks. This course provides a basic foundation for further improvement of Java skills, and helps participants to understand the principles used in Java frameworks.


  • JDBC
    • History
    • JDBC Drivers
    • Using JDBC in 7 Basic Steps
    • JDBC Exceptions
    • PreparedStatements
    • CallableStatements
    • Transactions
    • Scrollable ResultSets
    • DataSources
    • Disconnected RowSets
  • Concurrency
    • Principles
    • Basic Threads and Runnable
    • Thread Scheduling
    • Thread States
    • Sleeping, Yielding, Prioritizing and Joining Threads
    • Synchronizing
    • Deamon Threads
    • ThreadGroups
    • Timers
    • The New Concurrency in Java SE 5.0
    • Thread-safe Collections
    • Queues
    • Thread Pools and Work Queues
    • Executor Framework
    • Futures
    • Synchronizer Classes
    • Locks
  • Java Input/Output
    • Streams
    • I/O Portability
    • Wrappers
    • Readers, Writers and Streams
    • File and FileDescriptor
    • RandomAccessFile
    • IOExceptions
    • Formatting
    • The New IO Package
    • Channels and Buffers
  • Networking
    • Using Sockets
    • Remote Method Invocation
    • Object Serialization
  • Annotations and Reflection
    • Metadata
    • Annotations Basics
    • Basic Annotations in Java 5.0
    • Defining Your Own Annotations
    • Annotating Annotations
    • RTTI and Reflection
    • The Class-class
    • Using Class Literals
    • Reflection Capabilities
  • Advanced Exception Handling
    • Exception Overview
    • Exception Issues
    • Exception Guidelines
    • Catching Guidelines
    • Exception Tips and Tricks
    • Exception Best Practices and Patterns
  • Logging
    • Introduction to Logging
    • Logging Approaches
    • Logging Concepts
    • The Java Logging API