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Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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2 day(s)


IT Professionals


Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and SQl Server


Obtaining the knowledge about how to migrate SQL Server databases to the Microsoft Azure Platform.


Classroom and instructor-led training


In this training we explain the students how to setup a SQL Server database in the Microsoft Azure environment. We explain the arguments for choosing between a SQL Server in an Azure Virtual machine (IaaS), and a Azure SQL Database (PaaS). We will implement both choices, and migrate a on-premise database to each of them. Finally we explain a few key topics in the implementation of SQL Server databases : authentication authorization and backup/restore activities.


  • Overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure
    • IaaS versus Paas vs Saas
    • Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
    • Subscribing to Azure services
    • Azure deployment models
    • Using Azure via the portal, powershell and CLI
    • What is Azure storage?
    • SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine (IaaS)
    • Azure SQL Database (PaaS)
    • Features available only in Azure SQL Database
    • When to use IaaS and when to use PaaS ?
    • Lab
  • SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine
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