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Introduction to Angular

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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3 day(s)


Web Application Developers


Students should have a good understanding of Javascript and some experience with Angular


Provide you with a starting point for writing web application in Angular


Classroom training with hands-on exercises


AngularJS 1.x had a major impact on how we write web applications. AngularJS made it easier to write single page applications. Even though it is a great framework, the team behind it thought they could do a better job and build an even better framework with the things they learned from creating the first version of Angular.

Enter Angular, a complete overhaul, the next generation for building a new generation of web applications. It will be a faster, more powerful, cleaner, and easier to use tool then the previous version.

We'll first cover Typescript, the super-set of JavaScript in which Angular is written. Next we write our first Angular web application. After we've written our first application, we'll dive into each separate component of Angular such as Forms, Http and Routing. At the end of the course you'll have a good understanding how Angular works and the necessary knowledge to start creating Angular web applications.

This course is updated for the latest version of Angular.


  • Introduction
  • TypeScript
    • Classes / Interfaces
    • ES6 Modules
  • Angular CLI
  • Developing an Angular App
    • Getting Started
      • Using the Angular CLI
      • Angular Component
      • Angular Module
    • Data Binding
    • Common Directives
  • Services
    • Creating a custom service
  • Component life-cycle hooks
  • Routing
    • Creating routes
    • Navigating between routes
    • Route paramaters
  • Http
  • Forms
    • Two-way data binding
    • Template driven forms
    • Form Validation
  • Component Communication
    • Inputs and Outputs of an component
  • Getting an app ready for deployment