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Alfresco Administration

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

Cursus aanvragen

Aantal dagen

1 day(s)


IT Professionals


Having an understanding of networking, IT infrastructure and IT administration


At the end of the course, participants will be able to install and maintain Alfresco


Classroom training with hands-on exercises.


Alfresco is an enterprise content management solution. It contains features for document management, web content management, image management, records management, workflow and search.

Alfresco comes in two flavors. Alfresco Community Edition is a free software under the GPL license. Alfresco Enterprise Edition is a commercially licensed open source. Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance.

Alfresco is a cross platform solution. In can be installed on different application and database servers. This course provides complete insight in Alfresco and the way it integrates and can be maintained in every specific IT environment.²


  • Introduction

    • Alfresco functionalities
    • Alfresco architecture
  • Installation

    • Java
    • Application Server
    • Database Server
    • Complementary modules (addons, language packs, …)
  • Configuration

    • Alfresco repository
    • Filesystem
    • Interfaces
    • Users, roles and access rights
    • LDAP integration
    • Single Sign On
  • Export/Import

    • Space export
    • ACP File Import
    • Full repository import and export
  • Backup/Restore