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AutoDesk Infraworks 2016 Essentials

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

Cursus aanvragen

Aantal dagen

2 day(s)


Urban planners, Environmental Architects, Building Architects, Project leaders, Civil Engineers


Basic CAD and/or GIS knowledge


Becoming familiar with the Autodesk Infraworks platform, and getting convenient with the workflows. Present your building or infrastructure project in a 3D environment and add 2D CAD and GIS data to your 3D environment. Visualise and present different design options to shorten the design process and build a support platform with the different stakeholders.


Instructor-led, with exercises


A hands on training that gets you started with Autodesk Infraworks. Following topics will be covered:

Put your building or infrastructure project in its real life environment.

Add 2D CAD and GIS data to a 3D environment and create realistic surroundings for your project.

Propose different design options and edit them on the fly.

Create high quality visualisations and animations.

Challenge your model with line of sight and shadow analysis.


  • Create model
  • Import Data Sources
    • Vector data
    • Raster data
    • Point cloud data
    • 3D models
  • Model Navigation
    • Camera points
    • Lock Terrain
    • Profile View
  • Visual Effects
    • Layer Appearance
    • Sun & Sky Settings
  • Model Explorer
    • Manage layer states
    • Tooltips
    • Links
  • Use, create and manage styles
    • Style Palette
    • Style Rules
  • Analyse
    • Themes
    • Line of sight
    • Shadows
  • Proposals and Bookmarks
  • Presentations
    • Storytelling
    • Images
  • Infraworks 360
    • Optimize
    • Collaborate
    • Share