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Agile Introduction Day

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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Aantal dagen

1 day(s)


Everyone without knowledge of agile, seeking an agile kick start, feeling disappointed by conventional project management, not knowing how to start working in an agile way


An open mind an eagerness to learn


Enable participants to make a first step into their agile journey


Instructor-led, simulation, exercises, Q&A, group discussions, ...


A one day introduction to the most common Agile methods, frameworks and practices as well as insights into the latest tendencies and hot topics within the Agile Community. Although the Scrum Method will be addressed in detail you will learn that Agile is much more than Scrum only. The objective is to get you into the Agile mindset, to give you a kick start in finding your way in the variety of methods, frameworks and practices (such as Lean Kanban, SAFe and LeSS), so that you are inspired to apply them in your own context. You will also be given the occasion to raise all your questions and to share experiences with colleagues.


  • Scrum
  • Flow Simulation
  • Introduction to:
    • SAFe
    • Less
    • Sociocray 3.0
    • Management 3.0
  • Above all: TBD, like in function of questions and needs raised by the participants