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AutoCAD 2016 3D

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

Cursus aanvragen

Aantal dagen

3 day(s)


Anyone who wants to learn the 3D Drawing and Modeling features in the AutoCAD 2013 enviroment. The target audience is quite extensive: technical draughtsmen, architects, engineers ...


A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology. A working knowledge of your operating system.


AutoCAD 3D Drawing and Modeling introduces students who are proficient with the 2D commands in the AutoCADĀ® software to the concepts and methods of 3D modeling. The training guide provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of 3D and explores the main features of the advanced 3D Modeling workspace in the AutoCAD software.


Instructor-led in the classroom


The training is intended for those who want to produce photo-real 3D models using AutoCAD. The course covers 3D viewing, 3D modeling, viewports and coordinate systems, Solid modelling, Surface modelling, Mesh modelling,materials and lighting, renderings and animations


  • 3D Foundations
    • Why Use 3D?
    • Introduction to the 3D Modeling Workspace
    • Basic 3D Viewing Tools
    • 3D Navigation Tools
    • Introduction to the User Coordinate System
  • Working with the User Coordinate System
    • UCS Basics
    • CCS Commands
    • UCS Multifunctional Grips
    • UCS configurations
  • Solid Modeling
    • Solid Primitives
    • Solid Primitive manipulation
    • Working with Composite Solids
    • Boolean operations
  • Surface Modeling
    • Complex 3D Geometry
    • Extruded Solids and Surfaces
    • Swept Solids and Surfaces
    • Revolved Solids and Surfaces
    • Lofted Solids and Surfaces
    • NURBS Surfaces
  • Mesh Modeling
    • Mesh Primitives
    • Mesh Manipulation
    • Mesh Smoothness Levels
    • Mesh Creases
  • Modifying in 3D Space
    • 3D Gizmo Tools
    • Aligning Objects in 3D Space
    • 3D Modify Commands
    • 3D Modify Commands
    • 3D Object Snaps
  • Advanced Solid Editing
    • Editing Components of Solids
    • Editing Faces of Solids
    • Fillets and Chamfers on Solids
    • Solids history
  • Visualization
    • Creating Visual Styles
    • Working with Materials
    • Specifying Light Sources
    • Rendering
    • Animations
  • Working Drawings from 3D Models
    • Creating Multiple Viewports
    • 2D Views from 3D Solids
    • Creating Technical Drawings with Flatshot
    • 3D Model Import
    • Automatic Model Documentation
    • Inventor colaboration
    • Inventor Fusion technology
  • Exercises