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AutoDesk BuzzSaw Essentials

Deze cursus is momenteel niet ingepland op de open kalender, maar kan op aanvraag georganiseerd worden.

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1 day(s)


Anyone who wants to learn the Autodesk Buzzsaw software as a service (SaaS) document, model, and data management tools to support their workflows with more secure access to project information from your desktop, mobile device, or the web


A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology. A working knowledge of your operating system.


Becoming familiar with the Buzzsaw platform, and getting convenient with the workflows.


Instructor-led in the classroom


The training is intended for those who needs to use the Buzzsaw professional platform as a part of their daily job. During the training participants will learn to manage and configure the platform towards the specific company needs.


  • Getting Started
    • System overview
    • Logging In, Logging Out procedures
    • Member Information
    • Application Restrictions
  • Navigating the Workspace
    • User interface
    • Project Properties
    • Project Team Directory
    • Tablet\ SmartPhone
  • Site Administration
    • Site Administrator Tasks
    • Member & group management
    • Private and Hidden Groups
    • Activity Logs
    • Working with Site and Project Statistics
  • Project Administration
    • Archiving, Cloning Site, Project, and Folders
    • Ownership of a Project, Folder, or File
    • Converting Project and Standard Folders
    • Permissions, Permission Levels
  • Information Pages, Folders. Files
    • Using the Tabs : Discussions, Versions, Markups, Form Link, Notes
    • Locking and Unlocking Files
    • Discussion & Threads
    • Recovering a Files
    • Versioning
  • Content
    • Uploading\ Downloading a Folder or Files
    • Working with Drawing content
    • External References (Xrefs)
    • Viewers and Markups (Redlines)
  • Find information
    • Find Files & People
    • Notifications & mail Manager
    • Recycle Bin management
  • Supporting Buzzsaw
    • Platform Glossary
    • Versioning
    • Markup management
    • Member management
  • Problem Solving
    • Content Recovery
    • Ownerships
    • File locking
    • Password Assistance
  • Project Setup
    • Define Project Data
    • Project Members
    • Assign Project Members to a Business model
    • Manage Information Pages
  • Forms configuration
    • Dashboard Overview
    • Form designing
    • Forms Setup, modification, personalization
    • Forms limitations
    • Working with Form Logs, Workflow and Roles
  • Forms administration
    • User Roles & rights
    • Workflow Types
    • Editing Business Process Options
    • Process Logging
    • Routing tracing
    • Reporting, Exporting Reports
  • Working with Forms
    • Creating, Closing, Deleting a Form
    • Viewing, Responding, Competing , Printing a Form
    • Adding a Comment, Discussions, Attachments to a Form
    • Assigning/Re-assigning a Form
    • Recalling a Form
  • Working with Submittal Packages
    • Submittal Package Process
    • Submittal Log
  • Document Register
    • Document Register Documents
    • Document Register Distributions
    • Printing, Importing, and Exporting in a Document Register