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Nouveaux cours

Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (MOC 20332)

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Boost your SQL Performance by using the new features of SQL Server 2014

SQL server 2014 contains several new Transact-SQL-statements and functions that allow developers to write more efficient code. We give an overview with several examples of how to use these statements. The new in-memory database capabilities ...

COBIT® 5, Powered by D-ICT

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Enhance the quality of your data warehouse by using SQL Server Data Quality Services and Master Data

When creating a data warehouse quality of the stored data is a typical issue. To prevent storing data multiple times, to prevent storing inconsistent data, to prevent storing similar data at different locations,... Microsoft SQL Server offers 2 ...

Introduction to Android Development

Android has become a popular platform for mobile devices and has enjoyed great success with its use in popular mobile phones. Supported by Google and being open source, it provides a complete software stack that can be freely used and modified. ...

Introduction to Cross-platform Development with Xamarin

Xamarin is a framework that allows developers to write native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows / Windows Phone. Xamarin Forms goes a step further by abstracting the UI design into a XAML dialect. In this course we’ll get an introduct...

Introduction to Windows Store/Phone Development

With Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft converged the APIs into a single Windows Runtime API. This makes it much easier to port an application from Windows Phone to big Windows, or the other way around. Windows Runtime API combined ...

Social Media

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SQL Server Self-Service BI with Microsoft Excel

Microsoft SQL Server offers several new tools for information workers who want to analyse and report about data in their databases. Power Tools for SQL Server deliver this interface for information workers. Without being expert in SQL, MDX or...

Web Development with Azure

MicrosoftAzure is a great platform for web development. Whether you’re just starting with web development or creating web applications for many years. By using the features provided by Microsoft Azure your web development becomes much easier. Y...

What's coming to Web Development with ASP .NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is one of the most significant updates to ASP.NET. This new release will make ASP.NET leaner, more modular, cross-platform, and cloud optimized. ASP.NET 5 is an open source web framework for building modern web applications that can be...