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Excel Automating without Programming

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06-10-2022 09:00 Excel Automating without Programming 1 NL Huizingen 380.00


1 day(s)

MS Excel: Automating without programming


1 day


This course is for Excel users who want to automate tasks in an excel file without using the VBA programming language.


Attendees must have a good grasp of Excel fundamentals.


During this course attendees will learn how to automate content, formatting and other repetitive tasks in Excel without having to know any programming.


An interactive hands-on classroom-based training.??


This course covers a wide array of topics such as:

  • Automating data entry in an Excel worksheet.
  • Using logical functions and Date/Time functions.
  • Using dynamic tables to limit the maintenance work required in other objects and formulas.
  • Using data validation to prevent entry of incorrect data.
  • Using simple controls to determine the contents of the cells.
  • Standardizing and automating the layout using themes, styles and conditional formatting.
  • Creating templates.

At the end of the course we will also cover how to use the Macro recorder to record repetitive tasks. Here, we explain how to record and execute macros. The management of macros is limited to editing and deleting macros. However, we will briefly present the Visual basic Editor.


  • Automate the input
    • A selection of useful functions
    • Dynamic tables
    • Data validation
    • Using simple controls
  • Standardizing and/or automate the layout
    • Creating a theme file based on the company‚Äôs style
    • Creating and using styles
    • Conditional formatting
  • Macros
    • Preparing macros
    • Creating macros with the Macro Recorder
    • Executing macros
    • Managing recorded macros
    • Discussing the Visual Basic Editor
    • Reading the recorded instructions
    • Executing a macro step by step
  • Creating and using templates