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Excel Formulas and Functions Module 2

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)

MS Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions


1 day


This course is aimed at people who wish to further their knowledge of formulas and functions in Excel.


Attendees must have completed the course "Excel Formulas and functions Module 1" or have equivalent knowledge through experience.


This course aims to provide attendees with insight into the most important functions of the different function categories. Students will also learn how to work with matrix formulas


An interactive hands-on classroom-based training.??


A lot can be accomplished in Excel using simple formulas and functions, however at times more complex calculations are required. During this course, students will discover some of the more advanced functions Excel has to offer.

In addition this course covers matrix formulas. While the "normal" formulas and functions calculate the result in 1 cell, matrix formulas can use multiple cells in the calculation and as a result.


  • Advanced functions
    • Logical functions
    • Combine multiple conditions
    • Alternatives for errors
    • Lookup functions
      • What if VLOOKUP is not possible?
    • Math functions
      • Options to round numbers
    • Statistical functions
      • Numbers
      • Averages
    • Database functions
    • Date and time functions
      • Calculations with dates
      • Calculations with (negative) times
    • Text functions
      • Alternatives to text functions to split data
    • Financial functions
  • Matrix formulas
    • Introduction
    • Enter matrix formulas
    • Advantages and disadvantages of matrix formulas
    • Matrix constants
    • Some practical examples