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Excel Formulas and Functions Module 1

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1 day(s)

MS Excel: Formulas and Functions




This course is intended for people who already have a basic knowledge of MS Excel and who want to work more productively by making better use of the possibilities of formulas and functions.


A good knowledge of the basics of MS Excel is required.


Gain insight into working with formulas and functions.


Classroom training with attention to individual guidance and the possibility to ask questions. Because of exercises, the student can immediately put the possibilities of the program into practice.


MS Excel offers many possibilities in the field of calculation and number analysis.

We start with the distinction between a formula and a function.

Next, we see the different ways to copy formulas. The use of relative and absolute cell references is also explained.

Tools that can be useful when creating and managing formulas are also covered.

In this module, a few functions of several important function categories are explained.


  • Introduction
    • Distinction between formulas and functions
    • Entering, changing, and deleting formulas and functions (general)
  • Formulas
    • Parts of formulas
      • Arguments (cell addresses, constants, ...)
      • Operators and calculation priority
    • Calculations with percentages
    • Calculate with dates
    • Calculate with times
  • Functions
    • Types of functions
      • Function categories
      • Classification according to number of arguments
    • The different methods for entering functions
    • Nested functions
  • Copy formulas and functions
    • The possible paste methods
    • Relative, absolute and mixed cell references
  • Useful tools
    • Defined names
    • Evaluate formulas
    • Goal Seek
  • The logical function IF
  • The lookup function VLOOKUP
  • The date and time functions TODAY, NOW, DATE and TIME
  • Some useful mathematical functions
  • Some useful information functions