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Excel PivotTables

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0.5 day(s)

MS Excel: Using Pivot tables to analyze data


0,5 day


This course is aimed at users who already have a thorough knowledge of MS Excel and who want to increase their knowledge of pivot tables.


A good knowledge of the basic principles of MS Excel is required.


Learn to work with pivot tables


An interactive hands-on classroom-based training.


The Pivot Table is one of the most powerful and most dynamic tools of MS Excel. It can be used to analyze figures and numbers fast and efficiently.

This module covers the creation of pivot tables based on data stored in Excel or in external sources. We’ll also see the new way of creating dynamic tables.

Afterwards, we’ll go over the different ways of editing pivot tables in function of the desired outcome: adding or removing fields, showing or hiding items, editing the properties of a field.

We’ll see how to group data and show or hide details. We’ll learn how to perform operations based on extra fields and/or items and go over the sort and filter options.

Pivot tables can interact with charts and conditional formatting. This will also be covered. We’ll end with some useful options that can be used for pivot tables.


  • Conditions for a data source
  • Convert a list into a dynamic table
  • Create a pivot table
    • Based on Excel data
    • Based on external data
  • Add and remove fields
  • Edit fields properties
  • Sort a pivot table
  • Use filters, slicers and timelines in a pivot table
  • Refresh data of the database
  • Show or hide items
  • Group items
  • Show or hide details
  • Calculated fields
  • Calculated items
  • Create a pivot chart
  • The layout of a pivot table
  • Use conditional formatting in pivot tables
  • Pivot tables options