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Excel Introduction

Start date Course Days Language Location Price (Excl. VAT) Enroll
06-06-2019 Excel Introduction 1 NL Huizingen 220.00
14-06-2019 Excel Introduction 1 FR Huizingen 220.00


1 day(s)


This course is intended for people with no or less knowledge of MS Excel, or for people who already use speadsheets but who want to know more about the background of those spreadsheets and who have plans making themselves complicated calculations and tables.


Basic knowledge of the Windows interface is required.


Gain an insight in the philosophy of spreadsheets, get acquainted with the possibilities and structure of Excel, gain sufficient understanding of the program to manage data in Excel


Class training with individual guidance and the possibility to ask questions. The student can immediately put the possibilities of the program into practice by means of exercises. Each student disposes of a workstation.


Excel is a spreadsheet with many possibilities. The core aim is of course the creation of formulas and functions, but besides that Excel has also an excellent database management system as well as many tools for statistic analysis. And with this all, we almost forget the charts.

This course only explains the basic functions and possibilities of Excel. First we get to know the basic principles for creating a worksheet : insertion, modification and deletion of data, selection of cells, insertion of columns and rows, copy and paste data, …

In another chapter we take a look at the formulas and functions. After this part, you won't have any problems to create your own sums and averages by using the famous absolute and relative cell references (dollars signs).

Once we know all that, the time has come to learn something about the worksheet and workbook management of Excel. Here you learn to combine different sheets and workbooks. You will also see how to save your work effectively.

In another chapter, we use the many lay out possibilites that Excel offers, so that we can print our reports with some nice colours, borders, ...


  • Exploring the Excel screen
  • Working in an Excel spreadsheet
    • Moving within an Excel spreadsheet
    • Selecting cells
    • Inserting, modifying and deleting data
    • Inserting cells, rows and columns
    • Cut, copy and paste data
    • Creating (automatic) series of data
  • File management
    • Save a workbook
    • Open a workbook
    • Creat a new workbook
  • Formulas and functions
    • The difference between a formula and a function
    • How to insert, modify and delete a formula or function
    • Copy formulas and functions: relative and absolute cell references
    • Overview of some basisc functions
  • Worksheet management in Excel
    • Setting the default numer of worksheets
    • Select, insert, delete and rename worksheets
    • Move and copy worksheets
    • Worksheet linking
  • Window management in Excel
    • Putting multiple worksheets on the screen
    • Putting multiple workbooks on the screen
    • Workbook linking
  • Formatting
    • Cell formatting
    • Column and row formatting
    • Copy formatting
  • Page Setup and print