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Word Best Practices

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1 day(s)

So, you think you know: Microsoft Word


1 day


This course is aimed at users who already have some experience working with Microsoft Word but get frustrated when the application does not seem to behave like they want it to.


Attendees have some experience with Microsoft Word


During this course attendees will get an opportunity to address the challenges they have when working with Microsoft Word and they will learn to use MS Word more efficiently. We will also cover why Word seems to have a mind of its own at times and what can be done to create the documents you envision.


A student-led hands on classroom-based Training.


Many of us have used Microsoft Word for a long time already. We feel we know this application, but do we really? How often do you have issues when creating a document? Why does Word seem to jump around? Why is your formatting at times inconsistent for no reason whatsoever? How do you get your tables to display correctly in a document? And what if you want to add a blank line below a table? Why is it so hard to move your cursor outside of the table boundaries? Why does inserting an image changes the formatting of the document?

If any of these questions seem familiar, then this is the course for you!

During this student-led training we will aim to address all these questions to facilitate your usage of Microsoft Word.


This course is student-led meaning that we will take cues from students to ensure that their issues and needs are addressed. Furthermore, the following topics will be addressed as experience has taught that this is where many people fall short when working with MS Word.

  • Usage of Paragraph functionality
    • Alignment
  • Bullets & numbering
  • Styles, themes and design functions
  • Breaks
    • Page break
    • Next Page
    • Continuous
    • Even and odd pages
  • Using Reference
    • Table of Content
    • Footnotes and End Notes
    • Headers and footers
    • Adding captions and/or table of figures
  • Advanced Page Numbers
  • Review Options
    • Track Changes
    • Compare Documents
    • Protect Documents