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Windows 8.1 for Information Workers with non-touch devices

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0.5 day(s)


This course is oriented towards information workers who make the switch to Windows 8(.1) on a desktop, laptop or tablet.


Experience with Windows XP or Windows 7 in an enterprise environment


After this training you should be familiar with the Modern User Interface and the new navigation methods. You will know how to use the charms bar, start screen and desktop. We will be using the new internet explorer as app and as application among other apps. You will also know the new possibilities of the file explorer.


Class training with individual guidance and the possibility to ask questions. The student can immediately put the possibilities of the program into practice by means of exercises. Each student disposes of a workstation in case of Windows 8(.1) on a desktop. For the tablet sessions, you need to bring your own device running Windows 8(.1) Pro or RT and have a user account with local administrator rights.


We start with some facts and figures about Windows 8.1. After that, you will see how you have to sign in and out in Windows 8 as well as how to shut down the pc.

Then we take a look at the new start screen and the enhancements of the classic desktop. At that point we will tell you all that you need to know about apps and the brand new charms bar.

We will deal with the classic desktop as well and tell you all about the 2 types of Internet Explorer. After that we take a look at the file explorer, which is the new name for Windows Explorer.

We will end with some possibilities of personalizing the environment and some tips and tricks.

The training will be given or on a classic desktop or on the own tablets of the participants.


  • Facts and figures of windows 8
  • Signing in and out
  • Start screen and desktop facelift
    • The new look
    • Parts of the start screen
    • Personalize the start screen
  • All about apps
    • Definition and types of apps
    • Some important apps and applications
      • Desktop
      • Internet explorer
      • Snipping tool
      • Sticky notes
  • The charms bar
  • The file explorer
  • Personalize Windows 8.1
  • Quickies
    • Windows 8.1 gestures on desktop or tablet
    • Handy shortcuts
    • Interesting links