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Windows 10 for end-users

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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0.5 day(s)

Windows 10 End User


0.5 day


Anyone switching to Windows 10


Basic understanding of Windows


After this training, you will be able to use: the new start menu, the new desktop functionalities and the key components of the Windows 10 Operating System.


Class training with attention for individual guidance.


Windows 10 is the last major version of Windows. In this training, the participants will learn what the latest settings and innovations of this version of Windows are.

In Windows 10, the start/stop button is back, but the "Live Tiles" system of Windows 8 has been kept.

We go through the functionalities of Windows 10 as well as the main differences and novelties between Windows 10 and its previous versions.


  • Introduction
    • Open and close
    • User info
    • Apps
    • List of programs
    • Using Search functionality
  • Use Windows Apps and Desktop applications
    • Working with apps
    • Using several applications simultaneously: Snap assist
    • Working with desktop applications
  • Notification center
    • Switch mode (Tablet, PC)
    • Activate WIFI
    • Activate Bluetooth
    • Project your screen
    • Change the brightness of the screen
    • Check all your notifications
  • Internet
    • What is Edge?
    • What is Edge Chromium?
    • How to use Edge?
    • How to set up or to personalize Edge?
  • File explorer
    • Quick access
    • Managing files and folders
    • Searching in the file explorer
  • Task view
    • Create several desktops
    • Open different programs on each desktop
    • Move open programs from one desktop to another
  • Configure Windows 10
    • Personalize the start screen
    • Personalize the Desktop
    • Modify the settings
    • Notifications
    • Manage peripheral devices
  • Security
    • Manage passwords
    • Manage privacy settings