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Exploratory Testing

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2 day(s)


This course is meant for IT (Testing) professionals




This course is meant for those IT (Testing) professionals that want to obtain an insight into the purpose of exploratory testing. The course is focused on the RealDolmen vision towards software testing, context driven testing and will prepare the audience for a good understanding on the why, when and how of exploratory testing.


Instructor-led combined with several exercises, quizzes and hands-on experience.


Exploratory Testing is an alternative approach to scenario based testing. And while its approach might differ from scenario based testing, it is important to understand that both are structured processes that can and will complement one another. During this training, the participants will get a good insight into the benefits of exploratory testing, when to efficiently and effectively use it and how to become better testers while using it.

The training explain introduces context driven testing and positions exploratory testing as a structured process (dismissing the common misconceptions about it). The training also strengthens the trainees critical thinking skills, which are required to optimize your testing. Through games and actual testing, your exploratory testing skills will be sharpened.


  • The History of Software Testing
  • What is exploratory testing
    • Defining exploratory testing
    • Testing versus checking
    • Common misconceptions
    • The importance of Oracles
    • Exploratory testing in relation to Scenario based testing
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of exploratory testing?
  • Planning exploratory testing
  • Exploratory test design and execution
    • Using Heuristics
    • Touring the software
  • Important principles of good exploratory testing
    • Pattern recognition
    • Focus/Defocus
  • Managing exploratory testing
    • What are common problems when managing exploratory testing?
    • Session based Testing
    • Functional Areas/Tours
    • The importance of context!
    • External factors influencing your test management
    • When to stop Testing?