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TCP/IP Essentials

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


Network administrators and people in charge of informatics who wish to gain a clearer insight in the operation and possibilities of TCP/IP.


Basic knowledge of networks is required. A good knowledge of Windows Server and/or Windows Client is advisable.


After having taken this course, participants will have a clear understanding of the principles of the TCP/IP protocol. They will be able to create and maintain a TCP/IP-based network independently.


Class training alternated with exercises. Each student disposes of a workstation.


The basic principles of the TCP/IP protocol are explained in an introduction.TCP/IP is set in its historical framework, and with regard to the OSI-model.

We will discuss the layer structure of the TCP/IP protocol.The lowest layer of the model (IP and ARP) is discussed thoroughly.Participants also receive an overview of the different added functionalities of the higher protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP etc.

During the course, we also explain the use of some typical TCP/IP utilities such as PINT, TRACERT, FTP, TELNET etc.

RIP-Routing is discussed in detail, and participants make an exercise to build a router, using a Windows Server machine.

The different solutions for name resolution under TCP/IP (DNS, WINS, HOSTS, LMHOSTS) are dealt with, and the participants build a DNS-Server and a WINS-Server, again using an Windows Server machine.

Participants gain a clear insight in the principles of dynamic allocation of IP-addresses (BOOTP, DHCP), and they build a DHCP-Server as from a Windows Server platform.

Finally, we talk about the possibilities of IPv6.


  • Introduction
    • Historical overview
    • TCP/IP and OSI
  • Architecture and Protocols
    • IP Internet Protocol
    • TCP Transmission Control Protocol
    • UDP User datagram Protocol
    • ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
    • ARP Address Resolution Protocol
  • IP - Internet Protocol
    • Notation
    • Division in classes
      • Net ID
      • Host ID
  • Routing Protocols
    • Basic principles
      • Static router
      • Dynamic router
    • Subnetting
    • Overview of the different Routing Protocols
      • RIP Routing Information Protocol
      • OSPF Open Shortest Path First
  • TCP/IP Utilities
    • PING
    • FTP
    • TELNET
  • Name resolution under TCP/IP
    • Basic principles
    • The use of HOSTS
    • DNS Domain Name Services
  • Name resolution under Microsoft TCP/IP
    • Basic principles
    • The use of LMHOSTS
    • WINS Windows Internet Name Services
  • Dynamic allocation of IP-addresses
    • Basic principles
    • DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • DHCP Relay Agent
  • TCP/IP in the future
    • IPv6