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SAFe® ScrumXP

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1 day(s)


SAFe Scrum Master can be delivered as part of an SAFe ART or independently to Scrum Masters who wish to build their skills in an enterprise context.



In this one day course you will learn the critical skills required to create high performance teams.


Scrum Mastering in the Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework®


This Pack Enables You to:

Learn how to build high performance teams, and the concepts of forming, storming, norming and performing

Learn how to be a Scrum Master and manage your high performance team

Absorb the basic concepts of a Scrum Master, including the Scrum Master as a Servant Leader and how to coach your team

Form your team with insights on team structure, team purpose, and how Scrum ceremonies foster collaboration

Avoid roadblocks by learning the five dysfunctions of a team