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Building a RESTful API with ASP.NET Core

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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3 day(s)


Software engineers, software architects


C#, some notes on ASP.NET Core (although not strictly necessary)


The purpose of this course is to teach students the ins and outs of RESTful architectures, using ASP.NET Core


Instructor-led by Kevin Dockx, author of this Pluralsight course ( Demo-driven.


Building an API is one thing. Building a RESTful API is... something different.

In this course, you'll learn how to build an API that fits the REST architectural style, with ASP.NET Core.

First, you'll look into how you can correctly interact with your API by using the correct HTTP methods and status codes. Next, you'll explore validation, logging, and common functionality RESTful APIs. Then, you'll discover how to correctly use media types, and will look into versioning, caching, and handling concurrency. Finally, you'll learn protecting and documenting the API.

By the end of this course, you'll have built an API with level 3 maturity, which is the highest possible level of APIs.


  • Introducing REST
  • Getting Resources
  • Creating and Deleting Resources
  • Updating Resources
  • Working with Validation and Logging
  • Implementing Paging, Filtering, and Searching
  • Implementing Sorting and Data Shaping
  • Getting Started with HATEOAS
  • Advanced HATEOAS, Media Types, and Versioning
  • Working with Caching and Concurrency
  • Protecting, Testing, and Documenting Our API