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Making Dynamic Project Plans by Using Microsoft Project Professional

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who wants to manage project activities in a structured way on the PC.


A general knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations in Windows is needed. A general and/or practical knowlegde of project management principles is an advantage when following this training.


To obtain a clear view of the components, possibilities and principles of MS Project. After this training the course participants are able to manage independently their project activities in MS Project.


Instructor-led training with individual support. Practical exercises make it possible for the course participants to familiarize with the possibilities of the product. Each participant will realize the exercices on his own workstation.


Microsoft Project is a software program for Project Management. This software will assist the Project Manager when he is creating, assigning resources, tracking and reporting about his projects. Via the graphical user-interface it offers lots of presentation possibilities for the different project data and it is easy to learn and to use.

This one-day course focuses on the definition of tasks and subtasks, the specification of phases and milestones, the relationships between tasks, and the date-constraints within the project. Furthermore, the identification and interpretation of the critical path within the project, and the usage of project and task calendars are important topics explained in this training.


  • Overview of the possibilities of MS Project
  • Introduction of the general project information
    • Scheduling from the project start date or from the end date
    • Usage of the project calendar
    • Introduction of the project name, project manager, company or department
    • Changing the default settings for currency, date-format, project-summary-task,...
  • Specification of the project tasks
    • Working on the Gannt-chart view
      • Introduction of tasks : name and duration
      • Working with summary and subtasks
      • Specify the project milestones
      • Linking tasks (FS, SS, FF, SF)
      • Use of Lag end Lead
      • Using Date constraints
      • Specify a deadline for tasks
      • WBS-code and outlining of tasks
      • Documentation of tasks
      • Defining recurring tasks
      • Display and interpretation of the Critical Path - definition and importance of Slack
  • Usage of calendars
    • Types of calendars : project - task
    • Changing an existing calendar
    • Creation of a new calendar
    • Assigning a calendar to a task
  • Introduction to "Enterprise Project Management"
    • Working with multiple projects
      • Using project templates
      • Using subprojects in a consolidated project
      • Links between projects
    • Microsoft Project Server
      • Activities of the project manager in a Project Server environment