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1 day(s)

PowerPoint Getting Started


1 day


This course is meant for all users who wish to make PowerPoint presentations, to project them to an audience on a video screen, to print them on paper or on transparent slides, or to edit presentations to create a bigger impact.


General knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations of Windows 10 is required. Basic knowledge of other MS Office softwares such as Word and Excel is a plus when you learn to work with PowerPoint.


Gain a clear understanding of the basic components, possibilities and skills of PowerPoint. Create and edit professional, consistent and qualitative presentations.


Class training with a lot of exercises and an intensive interaction between the trainer and the participants.


This course is an extended introduction to PowerPoint. After explaining the different views and standard parameters of the program, we take a closer look at the masters and templates that will enable you to create standard presentations. We treat all the elements that can be put on the master: design of the presentation, creation of different levels in the master, formatting text, inserting pictures (logos) and extra info on the slides such as headers and footers.

Once the master is created, we learn how to save our presentation as a regular presentation as well as as a template. Then we see how to reuse the master in another presentation.

Afterwards, we work slide by slide to learn some basic principles of creating slides and inserting text and images … into our presentation.

The following chapter considers tables, charts, organization charts and other types of graphic objects. We also see how to insert an Excel Table.

Before presenting our Slide Show, we review some of the transition and animation effects available in PowerPoint that will give a more professional and dynamic look to our presentations.

Finally, we discuss the page setup and printing possibilities available in SharePoint.


  • Exploring PowerPoint
  • Different views in PowerPoint
  • Masters
    • What is a master?
    • The different types of masters
    • The practical use of masters
    • Slide Layouts
  • Overview of the elements which are created in the master
    • Design of the presentation (design templates, color schemes, background)
    • Formatting of text
    • Inserting pictures and logos
    • Extra info on slides (date and time, header and footer, slide numbers)
  • File management
    • Saving a presentation as a regular file
    • Saving a presentation as a template
    • Creating a new presentation (on basis of a template)
    • Opening and closing presentations
  • The basic principles of making a presentation
    • Choosing the slide layout
    • Adding, modifying and removing slides
    • Changing the order of the slides
    • Navigating through a presentation
  • Inserting text
    • Promoting and demoting bullets and numbers
    • Selecting text
    • Cut, Copy and paste
    • Searching and replacing text
    • Correcting text automatically
    • Checking the spelling of the text
  • Insert tab
    • Insert images
    • Use Design Ideas
    • Insert Smart Art
    • Insert video
    • Insert Audio
    • Record the screen
    • Use the zoom
      • Summary zoom
      • Section zoom
      • Slide zoom
  • Tables
    • Using the PowerPoint tool for creating tables
    • Object linking (=link with an Excel table)
    • Object embedding (inserting an Excel table in PowerPoint)
    • Go to an Excel table using action buttons
  • Charts
    • PowerPoint tool for creating charts
    • Object linking (=link with an Excel chart)
    • Object embedding (inserting an Excel chart in PowerPoint)
    • Go to an Excel chart using action buttons
  • Graphical objects
    • Types of objects
    • Drawing objects
    • Changing the layout of objects
    • Positioning objects
  • Presentation material
    • View: Slide Show
    • View: Presenter view
    • Slides to print
      • Page setup
      • Print preview and Printing
    • An on-screen slide show
      • Slide transitions
      • Custom Animation and Animation Schemes
      • Rehearse Timings
      • Showing the on-screen presentation
      • Extra possibilities (multimedia, custom shows, ...)