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PMI – Project Management Fundamentals

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3 day(s)


People with no or few skills in Project Management. People who want to refresh the different aspects of Project Management. • People who want a structured overview of the components, principles and workflow of Project Management in order to enhance their performance.




Be acquainted with the characteristics and different aspects of Project Management. Understand the methodology of Project Management. Understand & acknowledge the importance of appropriate management skills. Be able to apply the Project Management method and workflow.


ILT (Instructor Led Training = classroom training). Business Game: Theoretical concepts alternating with practical exercises in a business game format: Organize a picnic to improve the communication.


With an easy game you learn the principles of project management. Participants are divided in 2 to 3 groups, where each group is the customer of the other group. They learn how to respond to a project charter with a well-developed scope statement, they learn how to use a skill matrix and competence matrix to check if the right competences are in house and to control the budget.


  • DAY 1:Introduction to Project Management
    • • What is a Project?
    • • What is Project Management?
    • • The role & responsibilities of a Project Manager
    • • The influence of the organisational structure in a project
  • Integrating your project into the organisation
    • • Develop a Project Charter
    • • What is a scope statement plan?
    • • What are the topics to include in this plan?
    • • Conducting a Work Breakdown Structure
    • • Drawing a Network Diagram
    • • Estimate your recourses needed and your budget
  • DAY 2: How to organise your team? (soft skills)
    • • Develop a Skill Matrix to have the most performed team members in your team
    • • Develop a Resource Responsibility Matrix
    • • Know how to delegate work to others
    • • What is my delegate attitude?
  • How to communicate with your stakeholders?
    • • Identify your stakeholders
    • • What are their needs and expectations?
    • • Conduct a communication plan
      • o For your team
      • o For your stakeholders and customers
    • • Create a reward and recognition system
      • o Several ways to motivate yourself and your team
  • What about Monitoring your project?
    • • Create a Progress report system
    • • What are baselines? What are the used for?
    • • Use the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle when comparing baseline versus actual
    • • Identify Issues and create and use log files
    • • Project is finished, what now?
    • • Project-evaluation meeting?
    • • Lessons Learned and the documentation of the project
  • DAY 3: Project Management Exercise
    • • A project game:
      • o Organise a BBQ to motivate the internal communication
    • • The aim is to discover and discuss the possible troubles that occurred during the project game