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Phonegap / Cordova

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


Programmers and website developers who want to get a first experience with the Cordova / Phonegap framework.


Having experience with web design, mobile web development, JavaScript (frameworks) is a plus.


Learn how to get started with the Cordova / Phonegap framework.


Classroom training with hands-on exercises.


Building a mobile application that works on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and some other mobile operating systems can be a difficult experience. It requires the knowledge of all types of devices and their specific programming language. Acquiring this knowledge demands a lot of effort. Building an app for all these platforms in their native language is quite time consuming.

Wouldn't it be great to build only one application and port this to the different devices? What if this could be done by reusing your current skillset of html, css and JavaScript? And what if this could be done completely free? Enter the dream of Cordova / Phonegap and learn how to easily build cross platform application with a little extra effort?


  • Phonegap / Cordova
    • Agenda & goals
      • Agenda / Goals
    • Introduction
      • History
      • What is Phonegap
      • Cordova vs Phonegap
      • How it works
      • Hybrid approach
      • When (not) to use Phonegap?
      • Development options
      • Emulation and testing
    • Setting up the environment
      • Preparing the environment
      • The Editor
      • JavaScript
      • Exercise prerequisites
    • Changes to an (existing) web application
      • Including the phonegap.js File
      • Changes to the Initialization of a Document
      • Back and Forward navigation
    • Phonegap Builds
      • Phonegap Builds
      • Phonegap Requirements for the Project Structure
      • Creating the Build
      • Settings to Enable During Development
      • Finding information on the web
      • Exercise 1
    • Using the Cordova Command-Line Interfaces (CLI?s)
      • What is the CLI?
      • Why use the CLI?
      • Create and add platform
      • Cordova / Phonegap plugins naming conventions
      • Plugin management
      • Build Management
      • Run the application
      • Exercise 2
    • Working with the Cordova API?s
      • Core API?s
      • Adding Plugins
      • Setting application permissions
      • Handling errors
      • Connection and Device Objects
      • Alerting the User: Hardware notifications
      • Exercise 3
      • Cordova Events
      • List of Cordova Events
      • Exercise 4
      • Hardware APIs: Accelerometer
      • Hardware APIs: Compass
      • Hardware APIs: Geolocation
      • Hardware APIs: Camera
      • Hardware APIs: Camera Options
      • Exercise 5
      • Hardware APIs: Capture Media Files
      • Hardware APIs: File System
      • Hardware APIs: File Transfer
      • Globalization
      • Globalization: available methods
      • Exercise 6 (optional)
      • Working with the Contacts Application
      • Contact Object Properties
      • Exercise 7
      • Playing / Recording Media Files
      • InAppBrowser
      • Exercise 8
      • Splash screen
      • Status Bar
      • Exercise 9
    • Do?s and Don?ts
      • Phonegap Lessons
    • Miscellaneous
      • LocalStorage
      • LocalStorage usage
      • Automating the Build Process
      • Bootstrap
      • About Push Notifications
      • About Push Notifications: commercial solutions
      • Google Analytics (for Mobile Apps)
      • Literature