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Getting Started with Power BI

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who wants to start using Power BI for creating reports on whichever source of data.


A general knowledge of the basic principles and manipulations in Windows is needed. A general and/or practical knowlegde of data sources (relational databases, xls, ...) is an advantage when following this training.


To obtain a clear view of the components, possibilities and principles of Power BI. After this training the course participants are able to create basic reports on different sources independently .


Classical training with individual support. Practical exercises make it possible for the course participants to familiarize with the possibilities of the product. Each participant will execute the exercises on his own workstation.


Power BI is Microsoft's Business Intelligence solution in the Office 365 environment. This software will assist the users in connecting to different data sources, and creating reports with different visuals to represent the data in a comprehensive manner.


  • Introduction
    • The lifecycle of a Power BI report
    • Using the Power BI desktop Application
    • Connecting to data sources
    • Managing the data model
    • Adding Visuals to the report
    • Saving/Publishing the report to the Power BI Service
    • Accessing Power BI reports in the cloud
    • Sharing Reports
    • Creating and sharing Dashboards
  • Data Source Connections
    • Connection to files (csv, xls,…)
    • Connection to databases (import vs Direct Query)
    • Connection the a URL
    • Other useful connections (PDF, XML, Folder,…)
    • Data refresh options
  • Using Visuals in a Power BI report
    • Bar and Column charts (stacked, clustered, 100% stacked)
    • Table and Matrix visuals
    • Line chart, Area chart and Combo chart
    • Card visuals
    • Pie and Donut chart
    • Map Visuals
    • Slicer visuals
    • Other Visuals
    • Importing Visuals from the Market Place
  • Filtering report contents
    • Using Slicer Visuals
    • Using the Filter pane
    • Visual Interactions
  • Formatting Power Bi Visuals
    • Using the Format tab in Power BI
  • Using the Q&A interface of Power BI