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Office 365 for collaboration

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1 day(s)

MS Office 365 : Collaboration Tools


1 day(s)


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to use all the possibilities of MS Office 365 to collaborate and communicate.


  • Good Microsoft Office skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • A basic understanding of Office 365 is also necessary


The aim of this course is to teach participants how to use the collaboration tools in Office 365.

After completing this course attendees will know how to use OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint in order to facilitate better communication and collaboration.

They will also learn how to coauthor and chat on documents.


An interactive class-room training


To start of the course attendees will get a brief overview of MS Office 365. Afterwards the ins and outs of OneDrive and Teams are covered. Participants will learn how to use Teams in combination with other apps with a separate section of this course devoted to using Teams and SharePoint together.

In addition, attendees will learn different ways to work together using the different MS Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, …), either through co-authoring or using the chat function. This course also addresses when and where to use the chat function in the different apps available in MS 0ffice 365.

As a final topic, this course clarifies in which situations which app is appropriate.


  • What is MS Office 365: review
    • How to navigate in MS Office 365
    • Which apps are available
  • OneDrive
    • Upload documents on OneDrive
    • Create documents on OneDrive
    • Share documents on OneDrive
    • Co-create/edit on a OneDrive document in the whole MS Office 365 suite
    • Chat on a OneDrive document in the whole MS Office 365 suite
  • Teams
    • Teams Overview
    • Teams for teams
    • Create Teams
      • Create channels
      • Add members
      • Edit settings
    • Chat on teams
    • Meet now
    • Manage documents on Teams
      • Add documents through Chat
      • Files tab in a team
      • Files tab in Teams
      • SharePoint libraries
        • Metadata
        • Versions
      • Co-create/edit documents on Teams with the whole Office 365 suite
      • Chat on documents on Teams with the whole Office 365 suite
    • Add tabs in channels
    • Add connectors in channels
    • Meet online in Teams/Channels
    • Send e-mails to channels
  • Teams and SharePoint
    • How can they be used complementary to each other
    • How your documents are stored in Teams
    • Where to find them on SharePoint
    • Libraries
    • News
  • What is the difference between SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Skype for Business, …
  • When to use what and where