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Office 365 for the ICT Administrator

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18-11-2021 09:00 Office 365 for the ICT Administrator 2 EN Online 900.00


2 day(s)


This training aims business decision makers and IT staff members who want to have an overview and insight in managing the full feature set of Office 365 by some hands-on experiences in a trial environment of the Cloud Services of Microsoft.


The participants benefit from practical knowledge of end-user management in a Windows Server environment with Active Directory and Exchange Server.



Participants will aquire knowledge of the management and capabilities of the following features in Office 365: User types Office 365 (Cloud only vs. Hybrid); requirements of single sign-on; xreating Office 365 users; Securing Onedrive for Business. Client types and roll out of Office 365 ProPlus; Knowing the different management tools and starting to use them (also PowerShell) for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer Enterprise, Teams, and Security and Compliance.


Classroom training with a shared trial tenant for training.


Training starts with an overview of Office 365 components, licences and user types. An overview of the general management tools is also added.

Next we will discuss the different user types and authentication options for users with ADFS and ADconnect.

A chapter is dedicated to Office 365 clients and deployment of Office 365 ProPlus.

Another chapter focuses on Exchange Online as the Mail Service component with anti-spam and anti-virus functions.

We also dedicate a chapter to management of OneDrive for Business.

Next will be an overview of all Teams management an capabilities as Teams Live events, and how Teams is an integrated tool with the other components of van Office 365.

There are also two chapters on the collaboration tools like Yammer, Office 365 groups and a short overview of the functionality of the other web based services part of the Office 365 stack.

We also discuss the management of SharePoint online.

Finally, an overview of what Microsoft adds to Office 365 for security and compliance is given.


  • Module 1: Office 365 Overview
  • Module 2: Office 365 Administration Basics
  • Module 3: Office 365 Users & Groups
  • Module 4: Office365 ProPlus & Client Connectivity
  • Module 5: Hybrid Identity
  • Module 6: Exchange Online Features Overview & Management
  • Module 7: Teams ans Skype For Business Overview & Administration
  • Module 8: Onedrive for Business Overview & Administration
  • Module 9: SharePoint Online Overview & Administration
  • Module 10 : Digital Collaboration
  • Module 11 : Additional Web-based Productivity Tools
  • Module 12 : Monitoring, Troubleshooting
  • Module 13 : Security & compliance