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Nintex Workflow for the expert

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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3 day(s)


Power users, IT employees who will create advanced Nintex workflows and manage the environment.


SharePoint knowledge as power user / developer or administrator. The Nintex Workflow for Power User must first be followed


After the course, the trainee can draw up complex workflows, as well as install Nintex, monitor error messages and carry out reporting. More attention is given to exercises and as well as an integrated exercise.


Instructor-led with some exercises to turn theory into practice.


The Expert course uses Power User modules by way of introduction, but goes one step further and demonstrates to the more experienced users how to install and configure Nintex Workflow, how to set up complex database connections and address web services, how to process error messages and how to provide reporting.


  • Installation & Configuration
    • This module demonstrates how to install Nintex Workflow, considering all conditions, how to configure SharePoint in Central Administration and how to upgrade Nintex.
  • Workflow Constants
    • In this module, we explain how workflow constants ensure that workflows can operate correctly in various environments without having to be adapted individually.
  • Actions defined by the user
    • This module demonstrates how users can build a workflow in the Workflow Designer and store it as a ‘black box’ workflow element with input and output parameters, of which the configuration cannot be adapted by other users afterwards.
  • Multi-use Workflow Templates
    • This module demonstrates how specific workflow logic can be re-used for several lists and libraries.
  • Web services
    • In this module, workflow designers learn how to quickly add web services from the catalog to Nintex workflows without having to write code.
  • Complex workflows
    • This module brings the workflows from the Power User course to the next level. For example, you learn how to work with publishing actions, how to carry out complex query actions, how to add Active Directory objects, etc.
  • Reporting
    • In this module, you learn how to draw up Nintex reports and how to add web parts for workflow reports to your SharePoint site.