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Nintex Workflow for Power Users

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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2 day(s)


Power users who have to create basic Nintex Workflows


SharePoint knowledge of the power user: lists, create sites, create content types and site columns …


The training deals with any aspect, from the theoretical concept ‘workflow’ to creating and managing your own workflows with Nintex Workflow Designer. The course focuses on business users and helps them to understand what workflows are and how they can be applied in order to support their organization.


Instructor-led with exercises to translate theory into practice.


The Power User course starts with an overview of Nintex Workflow, it introduces the product to the users and demonstrates how it can be used. The other modules address the creation and management of workflows, from small and simple approval workflows to more sophisticated and complexworkflows while you learn how to work with various techniques such as serial approval, loops, variables and state machines


  • Introduction of Nintex Workflow 2013
    • You will get acquainted with Nintex Workflow in this chapter. After this chapter, you will have a better view of the added value of Nintex for your company.
  • Getting started with Nintex
    • This module targets the initial use of Nintex and addresses, among other things, the activation of the appropriate features and the use of Nintex Workflow Designer.
  • Your first workflow
    • In this module, the basic actions will be explained first. We then start working with the Nintex Workflow 2013 by clicking together a workflow ourselves.
  • Expansion of your workflow
    • In this module, the aspects of the previous modules are applied in workflows with more features and more interesting actions. We also address new elements, such as working with ‘snippets’ and ‘action sets’ to create workflows even quicker.
  • State Machine Workflows
    • In this module, we look at the State Machine workflows and how Nintex Workflow 2013 can be used to create them.
  • Nintex Live
    • The Nintex Live feature was introduced in Nintex 2010. This service is hosted in Microsoft Azure and enables links between various platforms, such as SharePoint Server and Office 365.