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Implementing and Supporting Windows Intune

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


Microsoft partners whose businesses offer their customers computer management and administration. IT Pros who perform computer management and administration tasks


Experience using the Windows 10 operating system. Experience using Windows Live IDs. Recommended: familiarity with computer management and administration tasks


After having taken this course, participants will have a clear understanding of the principles of Windows Intune. They will be able to setup and manage a Windows Intune environment and all it's aspects.


Class training mixed with exercises.


This course is introduced by describing the purpose, benefits and features of Windows Intune, including workspaces and other key concepts.

In the first module we will focus on downloading, deploying and installing the Windows Intune client package to client PCs

Once all clients are being installed, we continu with managing and administering the computers and the software in the organization by using the Windows Intune administrator console

After this basic configuration, we can start with configuring Windows Intune to provide alerts and send notifications when alerts occur and perform hardware and software inventories across a Windows Intune account

In the end we explain the usage of the Windows Intune client, how to configure Windows Intune Remote Assistance and how to respond to users' Remote Assistance Requests


  • Windows Intune overview
    • Challenges in Managing Business PCs
    • Introducing Windows Intune
    • Managing and Securing PCs in any location using Windows Intune
    • Overview of the Windows Intune administrator console
    • Windows Intune Workspaces
    • Comparing Windows Intune with other products
    • Windows Intune and support for Windows 10
  • Deploying and Installing the Windows Intune client
    • Windows Intune system requirements
    • The Windows Intune Client installation package
    • The Windows Intune Client installation process
    • Installing over existing antivirus software
    • Windows Intune components
    • Troubleshooting a Windows Intune client installation
  • Computer Administration by using Windows Intune
    • Understanding groups
    • Creating and populating groups
    • The Windows Intune update process
    • Managing updates
    • Managing Endpoint protection
    • Windows Intune policy concepts
    • Creating and deploying Windows Intune policies
  • Windows Intune Systems Management
    • Alerts management
    • Working with alerts
    • Administrators and recipients
    • Software management
    • Software categories
    • Working with software and hardware inventories
    • License management
    • Generating reports
  • Using the Windows Intune Client
    • Windows Intune Center
    • End-to-end remote assistance
    • Configuring remote assistance notifications
    • Installing Microsoft Easy Assist