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Lync for Information Workers

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0.5 day(s)


Managers, administrative employees, sales personnel and other non-IT personnel who want to learn how to use Microsoft Lync to communicate with co-workers and others. Since LYNC is tightly integrated with Outlook, certain aspects of this integration will also be covered.


Familiarity with Office applications and with Outlook in particular.


After the course, students will be able to manage their contacts in Lync, use Lync to send instant messages, call someone, manage their voice mail, moderate and participate in online meetings while sharing applications, a whiteboard and powerpoint presentations.


Personal instructor led training focusing on 'how-to' use and configure Lync. Technical terms and the logic of the software are explained and applied in a business context.


The purpose of this training is to teach users how to use Lync as their main communication and collaboration software in a professional environment. The functions of lync that are integrated with outlook will also be explained.

After a brief introduction about the different functionalities of Lync, the training will focus on the importance and use of presence, how to see and manage your own settings and how to build a contact list.

The first function covered will be instant messaging (or chatting) and the avilable options during an IM.

Next is the use of Lync as a (soft)phone, calling someone, receiving calls and transferring them. Voicemail (an Exchange functionality integrated in Lync) will also be explained.

The last subject is using lync as a conferencing tool. Topics covered are: creating and joining meetings, inviting internal and external participants and the different sharing options during an online meeting.


  • Introduction to Lync
    • Lync's multiple functions
  • Presence and status
    • Presence
    • Setting one's personal profile
    • Contact lists
  • Instant messaging
    • Sending IM's
    • Multiple IM's to multiple people
  • Lync is your phone
    • Calling someone
    • Accepting a call
    • Options during a call
    • Voicemail
    • Video calling
    • Transferring calls
  • Conferencing
    • Creating an online meeting
    • Participating to an internal online meeting
    • Options for inviting external users
    • Sharing options during the meeting