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Javascript Programming

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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3 day(s)


This course is intended for everybody who is interested in designing websites with JavaScript.


Basic knowledge of HTML is desirable (cf. course HTM010 - HTML, XHTML and CSS). Some experience concerning another programming language is desirable, but not required.


After attending this course the student is capable of embellishing a website with Java Script. He will have gathered good knowledge of the basic concepts of Java Script in relation to HTML. Additionally, perception of the object model of Java Script is obtained.


Class training with individual guidance alternated with exercises and the possibility to ask questions. Each student disposes of a work station and an English book.


To create more sophisticated pages and sites for the World Wide Web, knowledge of HTML or a graphical tool (e.g. Microsoft Frontpage, Expression Web) is unsatisfactory. The use of scripting languages (e.g. Vbscript, Java Script) offers more functionality. Java Script is a simple object oriented programming language that interacts with HTML pages. Consequently, developing more interactive webpages is possible.

This course only covers the use of Client Sided Java Script (Java Script ingrained in a HTML-document). Following this approach, programming possibilities of Java Script are tested practically.

The syntax and coding of Java Script blocks are this course's fundamentals. Its extensions are interaction towards a user or an application. Generating control structures such as 'if… else' and loops (while, for…in) in Java Script, just as using a variety of buttons, offer procedural functionality.

Java Script is an object oriented language. The course deals with definitions as objects, properties and methods in a neatly arranged way. It discusses Built-in objects, Windows, Forms and cookies in more detail.

Finally, we give a very brief introduction to the possibilities of Ajax.


  • Introduction to JavaScript

    • What is JavaScript?
    • JavaScript History
    • The Cross-Browser Incompatibility Myth
    • What Can You do With JavaScript?
    • Adding JavaScript to a page
    • JavaScript files
    • Comments
    • JavaScript Sandbox
    • Accessibility
    • Troubleshooting and Debugging
  • Datatypes and variables

    • JavaScript Data Typing
    • Identifiers
    • Naming Guidelines
    • Scope
    • The String Data Type
    • String Escape Sequences
    • String Encoding
    • Converting Primitives to Strings
    • The Boolean Data Type
    • The Number Data Type
    • Converting Strings to Numbers
    • The null and undefined Variables and Constants
  • Operators and statements

    • JavaScript Statements
    • The Assignment Statement
    • The Operators
    • Conditional Statements
    • The Conditional Operators
    • The while Loop
    • The do...while Loop
    • The for Loops
  • Functions

    • Function Returns and Arguments
    • Anonymous Functions
    • Function Literals
    • Other Function Capabilities
    • Function Scope
    • Function Object
  • JavaScript Objects

    • Primitive Data Types as Objects
    • The Boolean Object
    • The Number Object
    • The String Object
    • Some Remarks on Strings
    • Regular Expressions and RegExp
    • RegExp Methods
    • The Date Object
    • Date Methods
    • The Math Object
    • Math Methods
    • Arrays
    • Array Methods
    • Using the Loop
  • Browser Objects and Cookies

    • BOM – Browser Object Model
    • Browser Structure
    • Accessing Elements in The BOM
    • The window Object
    • Creating and Controlling Windows
    • Cross-browser-compatible Options
    • Modifying Windows
    • The location Object
    • Adding and Controlling Timers
    • The history Object
    • The screen Object
    • The navigator Object
    • The document Object
    • innerHTML
    • Cookies
  • Catching Events

    • Events
    • A List of Events
    • Basic Event Handling
    • The Event Object
    • Event Object Properties
    • Event Bubbling
    • “Pop The Bubble”
    • Accessing The Containing Element
    • Cascading Down Events
    • Generating Events
  • Forms and validation

    • Accessing Forms From JavaScript
    • Attaching Events to Forms
    • Cross-Browser Event Handling
    • Validating a Selection
    • Dynamically Modifying a Selection
    • Validating Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
    • Validating Freeform Text Fields
  • Dynamic HTML

    • DHTML
    • The style Property
    • Fonts and Text
    • Position and Movement
    • Drag-and-Drop
    • Size and Clipping
    • Display, Visibility and Opacity
  • Custom Objects

    • The JavaScript Objects
    • Prototype Example
    • Your Own JavaScript Objects
    • Public and Private Properties
    • Object Encapsulation
    • Advanced Uses of Custom Objects
  • An introduction to Ajax

    • What is Ajax?
    • Benefits of Ajax
    • Basic Ajax
    • Getting XMLHttpRequest
    • Sending the Request
    • Handling Response Callback
    • Sending XML Requests
    • Receiving XML Responses
    • Example Using XML
    • What is JSON?
    • Example of JSON Notation
    • Sending JSON Requests
    • Receiving JSON Responses
    • Example of Using Json
    • Ajax Summary