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O365 Planner & Forms (VILT - Virtual Instructor Led Training)

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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0.2 day(s)


This course will cover the use of the (Tasks by) Planner app included in Office 365. We’ll see how to create, manage, follow up and assign shared tasks in the Planner app but we’ll also see how it can be integrated within Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Forms is also part of Office 365 which makes it possible to create polls, ask simple questions, but also create more elaborate forms and surveys. All responses can be seen in real time. Lear how to create forms, export the results and apply forms to practical cases by including them in meetings, e-mails or websites.


(Tasks by) Planner

  • Create a plan
  • Create, manage and assign tasks
  • Different views
  • Follow up on tasks
  • Sync with To Do
  • Planner in MS Teams


  • Create a form
    • Template
    • Multilingual form
    • Restrictions
    • Branching
  • Share a form
    • Mail
    • Meeting
    • Website
  • Follow up on responses
    • Export results