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Business Visualization – the basics

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


This workshop welcomes everybody! Very suitable for: managers, sales, executives, trainers/teachers, (bus)devops teams and ' young potentials ' – in short anyone who regularly have to present something.


You don’t need any specific knowledge nor artistic skills to join this basic workshop.


During a 1 day workshop, we take you on a visual adventure. In addition to focus on the visualization basics and the individual case, we will also create an ad hoc backlog for individual questions. In the end, the added value of this day must be totally yours.


Very Interactive Workshop (VIW). The trainer (also called ' imagineer ') combines his experiences as a Lean/Agile coach with techniques from the creative and advertising sector. As a result, in this training pragmatics and originality are the central backbone.


Visualize and increase your impact with 30% – got triggered by this quote?

Well … what is it all about?

"Business Visualization – The Basics" is a fun, interactive and practice-oriented workshop that will teach you a new way of thinking in images. Along with other newcomers, you will take your first steps into the world of visualization and visual communication.

We are going to draw, make exercises and work out an individual case study. After the workshop, you return home with a suitcase full of skills. You can make creative meeting minutes and you are able to put your abstract ideas and concepts on paper in a bright and visual way.

This workshop teaches the basics for further challenges / focus modules: Visual Storytelling, Visual Recording, Visual Facilitation, Design Thinking, Customer Journey Mapping ...


  • Focus on the basics
    • Why are we doing visualization?
    • What are the essential building blocks of a visualization?
    • Different ways and flows to structure the information in a visual way
    • Visually expressing emotions, people and common activities
    • A clear and legible handwriting
    • Using colours when making visuals
    • Building visual symbol libraries
    • Use of practical tools and examples to create and pimp visuals and make them fit-for purpose on social media
  • Focus on an integrated case
    • Integrate different building blocks/techniques into a great visual.