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Access Module 2 - Querying Databases

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)

MS Access : Module 2 – Querying databases


1 day


The course is intended for all users who want to query MS Access databases.


Knowledge of creating MS Access databases, tables and relationships is required. A good knowledge of working in a Windows environment and file management is necessary. Knowledge of MS Excel or other database programs is an advantage.


Understand the terminology involving queries. Being able to create and use the different types of queries.


Instructor-led classroom training with hands-on exercises and intensive interaction between instructor and students.


The scope of this is course is limited to the Query object.


  • Review of databases, tables and relationships
  • Types of queries
  • Creating Select queries
    • Tables and fields
    • Sorting
    • Criteria
  • The query result
  • Formulas in queries
  • Creating and using parameter queries
  • Action queries
    • Make Table
    • Delete
    • Update
    • Append
  • Query wizards
    • Crosstab queries
    • Find Duplicate Records
    • Find Unmatched records
  • Join types (equi-join, outer join, self-join)
  • Union Query
  • Query properties