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Essential Team Collaboration with Azure DevOps Services

This course is currently not scheduled on the open calendar, but can be organized on request.

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1 day(s)


Developer, DevOps-profile, Release Manager, Test Management and anyone who is involved into application development, quality and delivery.


Network connectivity is required. A sample Azure DevOps Services Organisation will be provided by Realdolmen.


In this technical training you will learn about using Azure DevOps Services to manage the application development lifecycle. Uniting the different roles in an organisation (developer / tester / scrum master / architect / …) to improve the efficiency and code quality of delivered software products.


Class training alternated with exercises.


Azure DevOps Services Introduction

What is Azure DevOps? Who is it for? How is this product aligned with "DevOps Principals"? You will be able to understand the positioning of this product. You will be able to create and manage an Azure DevOps Services Organization.

  • Software positioning
  • "DevOps principals”
  • Cloud-first model
  • Enterprise Ready
  • Azure DevOps Services Organization
  • LAB : Create and manage an Azure DevOps Services Organization

Azure DevOps Services Configuration

Which services does Azure DevOps Services offer? What are the extensibility points in the platform? You will be able to understand the core services of this product. You will be able to navigate the product and search for data. You will be able to understand the level of extensibility.

  • Overview of services
  • Search functionality
  • Navigation
  • Extensibility via Marketplace
  • Access Levels
  • LAB : Get to know the product

Azure DevOps Projects

Azure DevOps Services offers a Collaboration platform for any role in the Development team. An Azure DevOps Project represents a fundamental container where a group of people plan, track progress, and collaborate on building software solutions. You will be able to create and configure a Project. You will be able to understand the boundary of a Project.

  • What is offered?
  • Process Templates
  • Manage Inherited Processes
  • One Project per team Or Many projects?
  • LAB: Creating and configuring your team project

Azure Boards : Plan, track, and discuss work across your team(s)

  • What is offered?
  • Working with teams , areas and iterations
  • Working with Work Items (WIT)
  • Query the Work Items
  • Project Backlog
  • LAB 1 : Creating your project backlog
  • Managing sprints and capacity
  • Working with boards
  • Creating and customizing Kanban Boards
  • Customizing Team Process
  • Creating Dashboard
  • LAB 2 : Creating Dashboards for sprints
  • Analytics
  • Delivery Plans
  • LAB 3 : Managing project schedules across teams with Delivery Plans